Jerome Richard

The Kiss of the Prison Dancer

Runner-up for the 2005 PEN/​Hemingway Award.

"The Kiss of the Prison Dancer plunges us into moral quanderies and modern mysteries that are disturbingly riveting...Max Friedman's life story is one whose dilemmas compel our compassion--and Richard's brilliant account of Max's troubles won't let us off any hooks."
--Sandra M. Gilbert, Kissing the Bread, Ghost Volcano, The Madwoman in the Attic

"I fell under its spell. It's a great piece of work!"
--Ramond Mungo, Famous Long Ago, Total Loss Farm

"What a surprising and deeply thought-provoking book this is!"
--Dirck Van Sickle, Montana Gothic

"What a nice piece of work! The ending completely surprised me, yet when I reflected on it, it seemed inevitable."
--Deloris Tarzan Ament, Iridescent Light

"The dilemma confronting Max Friedman will live in the mind of the reader for years to come. So, be warned!" --Harvard Square Commentary

"A straightforward, easy read, but watch out...I found myself realizing, after reading this book, that taking a truly good, hard look at myself in the mirror is not something I'm readily prepared to do. Consider, perhaps, this novel as an easier-to-swallow form of analysis than the painful exercise of opening your eyes and really looking hard at what is within you and around you."
--Lisa B. Falour, Quiet Days in Saint-Denis

The Architect

Writings about 19th and 20th century communes and utopias
A tribute to the late literary critic Leslie Fiedler
A holocaust survivor is the only witness to a crime for which an innocent person is arrested.

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